Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gentlemen's Quarterly men of the year

Character designs? Explorations of the subconscious? Crap? What ever you call them there they are for you to enjoy in any way you want… you dirty, dirty, pervert.


Benjamin said...

look at thhheeeeessseee... very nice casper.. very nice... get ready, now that u posted ur stuff up, by xmas, everyone will have the same chars in their film :P sorry.. thats just the way things go

D said...

Must admit I love the cats and dog, specially the first cat expression while checking your character's ass. Somehow it reminds me of my cat when my mother sits on the couch without realizing my cat is sleeping on it, luckily she wakes up before she finishes sitting just on time to check what’s coming her way...she makes the same expression as the cat on the drawing.

About benjamin's comment, what can I say...long time ago a friend commented to me after lurking through blogs that it seemed like many people who where from sheridan seemed to have the same "style", couldn’t agree at the time but I can see what she means, luckily there are still people that break that conformity.

Conformity is evil.


Ps: I’m at work and I am beyond boredom.

casper said...

well then ben! fuck help me out here post some of yours so they don't know what to pick from.

Letz said...

lovly design

Eric said...

Casper, thanks for putting up those sketches. It's really interesting how you work through expressions and gestures. I like the contrast of the flat blocky pants and the doughy, flabby body on the guy in the last two pages; but that's me: that's my ideal man.

Anonymous said...

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