Friday, January 27, 2006

OH, photoshop you make it so easy to be cheap

Well this is a location design for the movie I’m working on with my friend and roomy Trev. I would love to get your insight on this piece, whether or not it works some colour suggestions what you think sort of thing. I would appreciate it if you did not spare my feelings. Kick me in the balls if necessary.


Anonymous said...
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Sam Bradley said...

alright, since you asked..!

I like it a lot. That said, i'd like to see some more focus, especially if this is the style you want to push for production. I don't know where to look right now...

maybe tighten up those shadows at the bottom.. up the contrast so that the ladder pops more.. and so that your eye is drawn up to what looks like your launching platform area.. which is where the action is gonna happen, right?

and, i'm not feelin the background. I'd either ditch that shadow or add more graphic shapes back there. Some pipe shadows, cloud shapes, splatter brush, whatever... or just flatten the whole thing out..

otherwise tho, its great.

if you're looking for more ball kicking, come over to paint today and i'll give you some in person! heh.